What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition in which one tends to experience pain in their lower back region and the surrounding areas such as buttocks, legs, feet etc.

This condition is mainly caused due to compression and irritation caused in the sciatic nerve, or the nerve roots that combine together to generate the sciatic nerve.

In addition to the severe pain, one also experiences weakness in the muscles, sense of numbness, or problems in movement and control of the legs. Generally, only one of the sides of the body gets affected.

Sciatica Causes

The compression of the lumbar nerves present in the human body is one of the causes of Sciatica.

Along with lumbar nerves, the sacral nerves also may play a part. As already stated, compression of the sciatic nerve itself is one of the root causes.

Eat Your Way to Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatica is a condition that affects daily lifestyle, it is debilitating and discomforting. The pain from sciatica extends from the back to the thighs, disallowing prolonged standing or sitting positions. The contraction of the nerve causes the pain; magnesium is the main mineral that counteracts these muscle retrenchments so a diet of magnesium rich foods is suggested for people in need of sciatic nerve pain relief.

Among this type of foods are nuts, beans, bananas, broccoli, squash seeds, and spinach. Sometimes, when the pain is felt a handful of peanuts will bring quick sciatic nerve pain relief, of course in the scales as well are the effects of overconsumption of these magnesium rich foods, so moderation is in order. 300-400 milligrams of magnesium is required of the normal adult. A quarter of a block of tofu has 37 milligrams, a cup of soy milk has 47, and half a fillet of halibut has about 170 milligrams of magnesium. Green leafy vegetables are great sources of this main mineral for your pain relief diet.

Also to be considered for a sciatic nerve pain relief diet is food that causes contractions. Calcium-rich foods, though good for the bones, aid in muscle contractions so be wary of your daily calcium consumption and do not go beyond the regular daily allowance of calcium. Drinks with high amount of caffeine (energy drinks, coffee) also are to be taken in moderation as they will not be aiding your condition.

There are a lot of tried and tested ways of treating sciatica; surgery, medication, yoga and the like. But only by small adjustments and considerations made on how people can actually take care and use their bodies to relieve the condition.

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